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NFIB CEO Comments On Small Business Optimism (09/17/2019)

NFIB CEO Juanita Duggan appeared on Fox Business (9/10) to discuss the optimism index and small business economy. She said, “The small business economy is still on fire even though the optimism index fell by 1.6 [percent]. It’s still in very, very high territory historically.” She noted that “current business conditions are very good, there was an increase in profits, there was an increase in sales, there was increase in job creation.” Duggan also commented on Bloomberg TV (9/10) saying, “Uncertainty increasing is a problem. ... Normally in this survey when you ask our small business owners, are you going to invest, they usually say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ But when they start to say ‘I don’t know,’ that tells us they don’t know what to expect.”

Business Climate

IMF Official: Global Economy Remains “Far” From Recession (09/17/2019)

“Trade tensions are weighing on growth across the world, but the International Monetary Fund is ‘far’ from forecasting a global recession, an IMF official told” Reuters (9/13, Shalal) on Friday, “as the fund prepares to release a new economic outlook next month.” They said, “The trade tensions are weighing on growth. But we really don’t see recession in the current baseline. I think we’re far from that.” The official added, “While manufacturing activity has been weak, we also see resilience in the services sector and consumer confidence is holding up. The question is how long that resilience can last, and we are monitoring carefully all indicators.”

Small Business Marketing

Capital One Small Business Card Applications In Focus (09/17/2019)

The Points Guy (9/15) took a look at how to apply for Capital One Spark cards, writing that “for a long time, Capital One business cards have been ideal for the business owner who wanted to earn the most rewards with the least amount of time and effort.” Now that cardholders are able to transfer miles to 15 airline partners, the card offerings are even more valuable. The article walked through the application process, including what information to submit and the business information can be made to appear on the card.

Wages and Benefits

Democrats Differ Over Medicare For All (09/17/2019)

The Hill (9/14, Sullivan) reported, “Top Democrats are warning that the full-scale version of Medicare for All pushed by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) would be a liability in the general election, repelling swing voters worried about losing their private health insurance,” but supporters of the plan argue “that bold proposals are needed to energize voters.” Rahm Emanuel, former President Obama’s first White House chief of staff, said on ABC’s “This Week,” “I just biked around Lake Michigan, nearly 1,000 miles, through Michigan and Wisconsin, two really important states,” and, he added, “Nobody at a diner ran at me and said, ‘Take my health care away.’” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said, “I’ve actually never met anybody who likes their health insurance company.” Former Vice President Joe Biden said that under his plan, “the 160 million people who like their health care now...can keep it.”