My Office

Setting up a new office involves many decisions - from choosing a location to finding the right leasing arrangement.

My Office

Setting up a new office? You’ll be faced with many decisions, from where to locate to what kind of computers to buy. The articles in this section will help you plan an office that will maximize productivity and save money.

Office Space Resources

These articles will help you make decisions about moving to a new office space or improving the one you have.

  • Selecting the Right Office Space – Find out how to identify your needs, locate a suitable community or neighborhood, and decide whether to buy or rent.
  • Virtual Offices and Executive Suites – Explore these cost-effective ways to acquire a prestigious office address and administrative support without a long term commitment.
  • Designing Your Office – Learn how to create an office that is safe, comfortable and designed for maximum productivity.

Equipment: Hardware and Software

Your office needs the right hardware and software to function well. These articles provide information to help you make wise choices.

  • Choosing the Right Office Equipment – Here’s a concise guide to identifying the hardware you need and finding the best options for printing, copying, scanning, faxing and smartphones.
  • Staying Connected – Every office needs a strong internet connection. This service is revolutionizing how we communicate in our offices. This section helps you determine what you need and how to keep it secure.
  • Choosing the Right Office Computers – Desktop or laptop? Find out how to assess your computer needs and design a system that will work for you and your employees.
  • Small Business Software – Here’s a brief overview of the most common types of small business software, with tips on choosing products that do the job without breaking the bank.
  • Your Operating System: Options and Upgrades – Learn about the differences between Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. If you already have an operating system, read some tips on upgrading to a newer version.

Business Services, Supplies and “Green” Products

These articles will help you negotiate with business service providers, buy office supplies the smart way, and launch budget-smart “green” office practices.

  • Green Practices - Good for Nature - and Business – Find out what you can do to save money and energy in your workplace. And learn about resources to help you understand environmental regulations and keep your business in compliance.
  • Shipping, Printing and Office Supplies – Times have changed. In some cases, business shipping, printing and office supplies have been enhanced with cloud computing, file sharing, scanning and email. Learn how to minimize your cost for shipping, printing and office supplies.