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Klear Survey: Influencer Social Media Marketing on the Rise

Klear Survey: Influencer Social Media Marketing on the Rise

Influencer-based social media marketing is growing in the United States according to data recently shared by Klear, a social media analytics and intelligence platform. Each year, the company reviews paid content across popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and releases its State of Influencer Marketing Report.

"Authenticity has become a big word for customers," Klear says in the report. "We want to feel like brands are being honest with us, and that we are buying into some we identify with. Influencers have become a core channel for brands to authentically communicate with customers."

This year’s report found a 26.7 percent increase in Instagram Sponsored Posts, as well as a 33.5 percent increase in Sponsored Stories.

Instagram Sponsored Posts1

Instagram Sponsored Posts2

Klear claims to have analyzed all #ad posts across Instagram looking for posting trends and found that 42 percent of campaigns leverage one to four feed posts, and 20 percent leverage one to four Stories.

Twenty-five percent of all Sponsored Stories were in the beauty category. This is followed by food at 18 percent, fashion at 17 percent, travel at 14 percent, and retail at 14 percent.

Instagram represents by far the majority of influencer social media marketing, based on Klear’s data. Ninety-four percent of those surveyed used #ad campaigns on Instagram, compared to 43 percent for Facebook, 13 percent for TikTok, and 10 percent for YouTube.

TikTok being ahead of YouTube is particularly noteworthy, but many businesses are still figuring the best way to use it.

"As TikTok grows in popularity, brands are beginning to understand how the platform fits into their strategy," Klear says, pointing out that brands are taking advantage of "micro-influencers" on the platform. "When reviewing influencers with #ad content on TikTok, most influencers collaborating with brands on the platform had a lower following count," it says.

They are also seeing informative advice content gaining popularity on TikTok, with influencers sharing financial advice in short-form videos with large amounts of followers.

We will likely continue to see growth in TikTok influencer marketing as the app continues to gain popularity. Micro-influencers might be an attractive target for small businesses without the budget and resources to get major celebrities.

"Collaborating with an influencer is a strategic decision that enables you to authentically connect with a relevant audience," Klear says. "When entering a partnership, you are entering into potential relationships with an influencer’s entire network."

For this reason, it is important for businesses to be mindful of their influencers’ audiences. Try to gain an understanding of the demographics you are reaching and adjust your marketing accordingly. You can also pursue relationships with multiple influencers to reach different segments. Pay attention to their followings across the different social platforms to strike the right balance as you look to cast a wider net.

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